Core Values - Koppers Preserved Timber

The Osmose Core Values are a set of principles that guide our day to day actions and represent the Osmose culture.



Conduct business with honesty and ethics to build trust and respect. Do the right thing.


Customer Focus

Constantly strive to increase the value of our products and services by listening to customers, finding creative solutions, and responding promptly.



Work and drive safely. Provide a safe work environment. Continually take action to prevent injuries and accidents.



Accept differences in co-workers and customers. Work cooperatively, share knowledge, offer assistance, and say "thanks."



Deliver a superior level of quality in products and services. Demonstrate a firm commitment to high standards.



Anticipate, create, and embrace change. Remain open-minded and receptive to new ideas.



Work productively. Eliminate bureaucratic and unnecessary procedures. Take the initiative to find solutions; be proactive.



Act like owners. Take responsibility for your words and your actions. Enhance the Company's financial value and image.